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Hot Stamping Machine


PBE supplies range of hot stamping machinery with the partnership of our sister company Dubuit REELTECH
Ours equipments have been largely proven and their reliability has no comparison.
We provide Hot stamping machines from 250 Kg pressure till 10 tons for toggle acting machines

For all the machinery stated below, the listing is non exhaustive and some options are available to meet your expectations. Please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss further.


Direct acting range (DA)

Range of pressure available : 250KG to 2 tons
Heating box size mini : 120mm X 80mm
Heating box size max : 300mm X 300M

Direct acting machine are designed for small and medium size components with small printing area with a swift cycle time. Its trust is delivered by a pneumatic cylinder.
This range is commonly used for some glass and plastic packaging which can be for the cosmetic, promotional, medical, domestic appliances...


Toggle acting range (TA)

Range of pressure available : 3 to 10 tons
Heating box size mini : 160mm X 100mm
Heating box size Max : 500mm X 400mm

Toggle acting machine are design to deliver high thrust for large component with consequent printing area
This range will give you access to larger printing format as well as the thrust for the most demanding materials.


Servo Acting range (SA)

Servo acting machine is the most versatile,
efficient and user friendly range provided
on the market.
By joining both strength and accuracy,
this range is to meet the highest requirement
in term of tooling changing, set up time as well as speed.

With the fitting features for peripheral marking, this fully servo-driven machine allows you to print a wide range of products such as caps, jars, tube, syringe etc...