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Pad Printing Supplies


Pbe Marking systems has recently invested into some equipment to produce in-house the steel plates 0.5mm & 10mm thick as well as Polymer plates. In additional to the cliché, the pad is the second-most important factor to guarantee perfect prints. A pad is made of a special mixture of silicone and silicone oil. The silicone oil is added to the silicone mass to reach the desired hardness. The pads are dyed with silicone colours to identify different hardness grades.


Pretreatment units
Depending on the type of material which is to be printed, the surface must be pre-treated so that it can take on the colour. For good results the print material must have a surface tension of at least 38 mN/m; otherwise the ink might smudge. We offer system-integrated pre-treatment units, as well as customer-specific individual solutions. In addition to treating with corona, flames or plasma for increased surface tension, we also offer ionisation units which reduce electrostatic charging.


The process of drying requires air, warm air, infrared or near-infrared light.UV light is needed for UV inks. We offer drying devices integrated into our machines as well as individual solutions tailored to your needs.


The ecoCleaner is a eco-friendly developed cleaning unit for pad printers. Compared to conventional solvent cleaning units which work with thinner, the ecoCleaner employs a special cleaning medium that is water-based. This cleaning Agent is virtually odorfree and of course non-explosive and non-flammable. The soiled cleaning Agent is recycled within the unit and can therefore be re-used continuously. Merely the loss due to dispersion must be replaced from time to time. The separated soiled ink is automatically removed from the unit and deposited into a waste container (front of machine). The ecoCleaner can be placed directly in any working environment. It is perfectly safe and there are no environmental hazards.